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Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Lessons Learned

By taking action now to reduce the community’s emissions and prepare for climate risks, the City of Flagstaff can better protect the wellbeing of its residents for decades to come. There are many community benefits to climate action, while the cost of inaction is incredibly high.

Equity Insights

Because climate change most negatively affects vulnerable communities, implementation of this Plan will strive to advance equity while addressing climate change. Nine equity considerations will guide the implementation of climate actions and ensure that participation in climate action is accessible to the entire Flagstaff community. Staff will work to establish partnerships with underserved communities, build capacity for climate leadership across the community, and involve diverse community voices from the start of any program.


This Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will guide the Flagstaff community in preparing for climate risks, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting the wellbeing of residents for decades to come.

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