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Kansas City, MO Regional Climate Action Plan

Lessons Learned

This plan comes from a place of love for Kansas City. As natives of the metro, we’ve been raised among those things that make it special: Chiefs football, fountains, Midwestern hospitality, and barbecue aromas, to name a few. We know that there is something special here, something that rises above the state line and other boundary lines between us.

Equity Insights

Climate change is an equity issue. Increasing temperatures and precipitation in the Kansas City metropolitan area pose a threat to all residents and infrastructure. However, these climate impacts can perpetuate and even aggregate existing sociali nequity, causing disadvantaged groups to suffer disproportionately more from climate impacts and exacerbating future inequality. Reconciling these challenges brings climate change into the realm of climate justice, where ethical and political issuesare considered alongside environmental concerns in the conversation around climate adaptation and resiliency. 


This plan creates a voluntary framework to guide and align local action in ways that make a difference for the entire Kansas City region. Readers will find a comprehensive set of strategies in this plan that can be tailored to meet local community needs and priorities.

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