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Photo of pararescueman Staff Sgt. Lopaka Mounts receiving a hug from a resident after Hurricane Ike, Sept. 13, 2008.
Standing man looking at a stand of trees in a forest
Corn plants growing up through soybean stubble
Pine-covered mountain peaks
Skyline of Las Cruces, NM and the Organ Mountains
A helicopter drops water on the Waldo Canyon fire in June, 2012
Laguna Mountain skipper
Skyline of highrise buildings and shipping cranes with mountains in the background
Residential trees and one of Chicago's elevated commuter trains
Spring Chinook salmon
Colorado National Guardsmen respond to floods in Boulder County, Colorado, on September 12, 2013
Idaho's High Divide
Booth at the Lincoln County Health Fair
Photo of Dr. Hiza Redsteer and students on dunes
Salmon jumping a fall
Black angus cattle in pasture
Pago Pago Harbor, American Samoa with fuel tanks in foreground.
Santa Ana winds carried a fire across Camp Pendleton's Las Pulgas area on September 28, 2005. The brush fire consumed 1,250 acres of the base's open land.
Cheesman Reservoir near Denver
A wall in San Angelo, Texas