Assets are the tangible and intangible things groups or communities value; they include all the things that a group owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit. 



Agriculture and Food Supply

Encompasses land, crops, equipment and infrastructure used to grow and transport crops and animal products to processing plants and retail outlets

Aquatic and Marine Resources

Fish, seafood, and other products from freshwater and ocean environments

Critical Facilities

Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, Public schools, Emergency Management and Law Enforcement locations

Cultural and Community Services

Programs, services, and events that encourage and promote enriched and connected lives, including access to artistic and entertainment experiences and offerings that embrace diversity and promote wellness, civic pride, and lifelong learning


The presence of jobs, income, products, and infrastructure that give people the ability to buy goods and services from other people

Energy and Utilities

Infrastructure necessary to generate and distribute electricity and other sources of energy such as fossil fuels


Stands of trees in areas where they provide habitat and facilitate recreation, or are grown to harvest for wood or paper products

Multiple or All Assets

All tangible and intangible items that provide an expectation of future benefit

Natural Areas and Wildlife

Undeveloped land with native flora and fauna


Humans, including human health


Land, buildings, and other structures

Transportation and Mobility

Infrastructure and equipment that facilitates moving people and goods through a town or across the country

Urban Landscape and Tree Canopy

Spaces within a city where people can gather, especially parks and green spaces where trees or structures provide shade

Water Infrastructure – Drinking Water

Water treatment plants, including raw water supplies and systems to distribute water to homes and businesses

Water Infrastructure – General

Dams, spillways, canals, drills, pumps, and pipes: all the equipment that enables humans to access water

Water Infrastructure – Stormwater

Flood control structures, ditches, street gutters, sewer systems



Banner image, The Only Crossing, courtesy of Sheila Sund, via Flickr. Used via Creative Commons License CC BY 2.0 DEED.

Last modified: 9 May 2024