2023 Inflation Reduction Act Climate Ready Workforce for Coastal and Great Lakes States, Tribes, and Territories Initiative

Sea Grant and the NOAA Climate Program Office, with support from the NOAA Office of Coastal Management, seek to establish programs aimed at placing people across the country into good jobs that advance climate resilience and assisting employers in developing a 21st-century workforce that is climate literate, informed by climate resilience, and skilled at addressing consequent challenges. NOAA will assist communities in coastal and Great Lakes states and territories so they may form partnerships that train workers and place them into jobs that enhance climate resilience. 

NOAA envisions making between 10-20 awards under this competition, at amounts ranging from $500,000-$10 million each. NOAA expects projects to range in duration from 24 months to 48 months, beginning no earlier than August 1, 2024. This opportunity is open to state, tribal, territorial, and local governments, institutions of higher education, and non-profit organizations in coastal states or territories. Resources from NOAA’s Climate Program Office, Office for Coastal Management, and National Sea Grant Office and its partners will be available to provide technical assistance to applicants and recipients to support these innovative efforts. Additional resources and announcements related to the Climate Ready Workforce Competition will be updated here

Read the formal announcement on Grants.gov: NOAA-OAR-SG-2024-2007783 ( View PDF)

Letters of intent are required in order to be eligible to submit a full proposal.

  • Letters of Intent due: November 30, 2023
  • Full Proposals due: February 13, 2024

Additional Resources

This figure illustrates how employers work with strategic partners to train and hire workers in a partnership.

This figure illustrates how employers work with strategic partners to train and hire workers in a partnership.

Overview and Program Information

Unprecedented efforts from federal, state, private, and philanthropic sectors across the United States are confronting climate change. Much-needed investments increasingly focus on resilience to climate-related hazards ( Inflation Reduction Act Guidebook) into historically underserved communities ( Justice 40). The influx of resources has created a demand for jobs whose skills require specialized training.

The Climate Ready Workforce competition will help close that gap. Funds will help employers find and place skilled workers in the new jobs that are needed to enhance climate resilience. Also, funds will support workers as they enter or transition into those “good jobs that enhance climate resilience."

For the purposes of this NOFO, “good jobs that enhance climate resilience” meet two sets of criteria, which are described in the next two sections. 

Resources for a Climate-Ready Workforce

Online Resources

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