We're proud to launch a design refresh for the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit. Based on user feedback, we've implemented new designs to simplify navigation, build a responsive layout for all platforms, and provide more resources and information on building climate resilience.

  • The new, scrollable home page provides a central point of navigation to access all of the site's contents.
  • Fresh content can be found directly below the landing page, in our new Featured section.
  • The Steps to Resilience framework has been revised and updated based on user feedback, and now includes a downloadable spreadsheet to help you track through resilience projects.
  • A new Reports section, found in the Expertise panel of the home page, includes a range of climate-related reports issued by government agencies and scientific organizations.

We continue to expand the website to deliver the most updated and relevant information. If you have any questions, please click our Contact page (now found in the footer). We would be happy to assist you, and look forward to hearing your comments.