The Steps to Resilience: Learn to develop workable solutions to climate-related risks

What | A one-day workshop
When | Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Where | The Asheville Collider
Register by September 6 |

Hosted by the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit ( team from NOAA’s Climate
Program Office and UNC Asheville’s NEMAC. Instructors: Ned Gardiner, Jim Fox, and Karin Rogers.

Audience and Goals

Climate adaptation practitioners
Use the Steps to Resilience to focus your work with decision makers.
Climate action champions (e.g., sustainability directors, emergency managers, decision makers)
Work effectively with climate adaptation professionals using a common framework and vocabulary.


9:00–12:00 | Overview (Recommended for practitioners and champions)
Learn the value of inventorying assets and their associated climate-related hazards, conducting
vulnerability and risk analyses, examining options to build resilience, prioritizing climate adaptation
investments, and taking action.

2:00–5:00 | Exercises and discussions (Recommended for practitioners)
2:00 | Explore Hazards
Use the Climate Explorer and other primary sources of climate information as you develop an inventory of
assets or populations and their exposure to climate-related hazards.
3:00 | Assess Vulnerability & Risk
Distinguish sensitivity and adaptive capacity as precursors to evaluating vulnerability. Evaluate risk
through both likelihood and the degree of potential impact.
4:00 | Identify Options
Establish benchmarks to address the most vulnerable and highest risk asset-hazard pairs.

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