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Screenshot of the website homepage for the State Climate Summaries
January 2022

The State Climate Summaries provided here were initially produced to meet the demand for state-level climate information in the wake of the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment. This 2022 version provides new information and extends the historical climate record to 2020 for each state. The summaries cover assessment topics directly related to NOAA’s mission, specifically historical climate variations and trends, future climate model projections of climate conditions during the 21st century, and past and future conditions of sea level and coastal flooding. Additional background information and links are given below.

Cover of the ODOT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy Report
April 2012

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has developed this adaptation strategy, which is inclusive of an impact assessment for its infrastructure and operations. The purpose of the strategy is to provide a preliminary assessment of the climate change impacts to ODOT’s assets and systems operations, underline the need for a vulnerability and risk assessment, and identify current areas of adaptive capacity and potential long- and short-term actions to be taken by ODOT. 

Cover of the Climate Ready Communities report
January 2009

This report is designed to help Oregon's local decision makers prepare adaptation plans and state agencies to coordinate their infrastructure plans with local adaptation initiatives.

Report Cover
June 2008

Ted Kulongoski, Governor of Oregon from 2003–2011, selected the Climate Change Integration Group (CCIG) to develop a framework for making informed decisions to minimize the more extreme impacts of climate change. Kulongoski wanted the CCIG to create a strategy for Oregon to apply the measures from the 2004 Oregon Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reductions. In this report, the CCIG proposes that Oregon takes steps toward developing a framework that will assist individuals, businesses, and governments to incorporate climate change into their planning processes.


Cover of the Oregon Conservation Strategy
February 2006

This document identifies goals and actions to conserve and restore Oregon’s species, habitats, and ecosystems. The report addresses climate change as a key conservation issue, and many of the recommendations provided consider adaptation measures to address species and habitat conservation needs. The 10-year revision of the Strategy and its Nearshore Component is currently under review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and will be posted at the provided URL once approved.