Screen capture from the ASR Recovery Initiation Index website

ASR Recovery Initiation Index

This spreadsheet-based tool provides guidance to water managers about when to begin recovery of water stored in underground aquifers.

The ASR Recovery Initiation Index blends measures of current water supply, hydrologic conditions, and monthly and seasonal outlooks for temperature and precipitation with scenarios depicting future water demand. The Index considers 10 different elements and can help water managers decide when to initiate recovery when using ASR—aquifer storage and recovery—for water storage. Variables in the model include estimates of supply, demand, current hydrologic conditions, and 1- and 3-month climate forecast products. Each variable is weighted to generate a daily index value, and the daily values are smoothed using a 30-day running average. If the resulting Index value rises above 1.0, operators may decide to initiate ASR Recovery.

The Index is available for download as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The variables in the spreadsheet are customized for specific constraints, but the Excel file is functional and can be copied and modified to meet users' specific needs.

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26 January 2018 - 12:00pm