Screen capture from the c3p website

Carolinas Precipitation Patterns & Probabilities Atlas (c3p)

This digital atlas of hydroclimate extremes brings together information on precipitation patterns in the Carolinas over the past 120 years.

This online resource provides Carolinas-focused information about extremes (drought, heavy rainfall) and normal precipitation patterns. The atlas includes over 1,000 downloadable maps and figures characterizing various measures of precipitation and drought. It offers information not readily available from other sources, such as frequency and duration of both dry and wet events and photographs, videos, graphics, and narratives focused on the impacts of notable drought and heavy precipitation events in the Carolinas. 

The tool is intended to complement existing information sources on extreme precipitation (e.g., NOAA's Atlas 14) and drought (e.g., products of the National Drought Mitigation Center). The tool's maps and figures show various measures of precipitation and drought. Some are used operationally by resource managers; others are new or offer spatial or temporal resolution not readily available from other sources.

The atlas also allows users to explore probability distributions and recurrence intervals for a large number of stations across the Carolinas.

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30 March 2021 - 4:45pm