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Retrieve maps of weather observations for the past 50 years or projections for temperature and precipitation in the future. Compare the projected impacts of different emissions scenarios for a single state, country, or across the entire globe.

Important Notice for Using Climate Projections

Climate projections can be useful for making decisions about the future, but the limitations of climate models make it easy to misinterpret or misuse their results. Be aware that:

  • Climate projections are not predictions. Projections are based on assumptions about future human emissions of greenhouse gases and other policy choices.
  • Climate projections do not attempt to predict the timing of meteorological events such as storms, droughts, or El NiƱos. The location and timing of future extreme weather events cannot be deduced from climate model projections.
  • Projections vary from model to model: the best projection dataset for one location and purpose may not be the best for other situations. Considering a range of projections may help you gain a more complete picture of potential future risks.
  • The increased spatial resolution of statistically downscaled projections available for temperature and precipitation may not be available for all parameters. In addition, increased resolution does not necessarily equate to greater fidelity or reliability.

For decisions involving the use of climate model projections, you may want to consider seeking expertise.

The Climate Wizard provides access to leading climate change information and the ability to visualize impacts that may occur anywhere on Earth. Pre-calculated map products allow the user to toggle between a variety of climate conditions relating to different greenhouse gas emission scenarios for two future time periods. The user can examine the statistical variations of 16 different general circulation models used to generate these future climate projections using any combination of general circulation model and emission scenario.

The Climate Wizard Custom analysis tool allows users to define unique areas and time periods for the climate analyses.


  • View and analyze historical data and future climate projections for rainfall, temperature, and moisture conditions from 16 general circulation models and three emission scenarios
  • Perform unique custom climate analyses, with the ability to draw or upload analysis boundaries
  • Receive analysis results, downloadable maps, tables, and graphs via Web link
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