Screen capture from the Coastal Resilience Resource List website

Coastal Resilience Resource List

Natural resource managers and interested stakeholders can use this comprehensive list to learn about decision support tools with coastal applications, and about coastal resilience efforts along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and across the Caribbean region.

This resource offers a comprehensive list of the work being undertaken by coastal Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCC) and partner organizations to address coastal resilience issues in the Atlantic, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean regions and to support growing collaboration in coastal resilience. The list includes the name, brief description, contact, and URL of completed, ongoing, and planned projects, reports, guidebooks, programs, online decision support tools, and papers and is searchable by type, organization, or date.

This resource is part of a multi-LCC initiative to synthesize and deliver existing coastal ecological and community resilience and adaptation information to coastal decision makers and communities and, where feasible, prioritize conservation actions to increase the resilience of both coastal communities and natural resources.

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12 August 2019 - 12:04pm