Screen capture from the Habitat Priority Planner tool

Habitat Priority Planner

This ArcGIS extension for Spatial Analyst steps users through subjective habitat analyses to help them make conservation, restoration, and planning decisions.

This tool—an extension to ArcGIS with Spatial Analyst—aids in making decisions about conservation, restoration, and planning. The Habitat Priority Planner takes away much of the subjective nature of the process by providing a means of obtaining critical habitat analyses that are consistent, repeatable, and transparent. The program allows users to easily test various ideas and "what if" scenarios on the fly, making it the perfect tool to use in a group setting.


  • Inventories specific habitat relevant to the study area
  • Assesses target habitat conditions with pre-packaged spatial analysis
  • Analyzes "what if" scenarios, such as the impact of new development or how restoration might change habitat function
  • Involves people, thanks to the fast, interactive environment this easy-to-use system provides
  • Creates maps, reports, and data tables to enhance communication and the decision-making process
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20 October 2017 - 8:43am