Climate Change and Adaptation: Mid-Atlantic Forests StoryMap Screenshot

USFS Climate Gallery - Climate Change and Adaptation: Mid-Atlantic Forests StoryMap

This StoryMap summarizes the best available information related to climate change about Mid-Atlantic forests from published research and local knowledge.

Mid-Atlantic forests sweep the Atlantic coastal plain to the Catskill Mountains, covering approximately half of the 60-million acre assessment area. These forests provide many benefits to residents of this region, including clean air and water, fish and wildlife, and places for families to spend time outdoors. Working forests also give us lumber, maple syrup, ginseng, and other products that support the local economy.Foresters, biologists, and land managers are working hard to preserve Mid-Atlantic forests for future generations, as part of the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Response Framework. Understanding how our forests are changing now and how they will continue to change in the future is the key to making sustainable choices. 

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10 February 2023 - 12:11pm