Observed and projected temperature changes are shown as compared to the 1951–1980 average. Observed data are for 1950–2017, and the range of model simulations for the historical period is for 1950–2005. The range of projected temperature changes from global climate models is shown for 2006–2100 under a lower (RCP4.5) and a higher (RCP8.5) scenario (see the Scenario Products section of App. 3). Projections from two regional climate models are shown for 2036–2065, and they align with those from global models for the same period. 

This figure, “Observed and Projected Temperature Change for Puerto Rico”, provided by Kenneth E. Kunkel and Jared Heath Bowden , with contributions by Laura Stevens, and Liqiang Sun. Please contact Kenneth E. Kunkel and Jared Heath Bowden for any questions or additional information regarding this figure.

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