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LA SAFE Regional Adaptation Strategy

Lessons Learned

Throughout the LA SAFE process, stakeholders recognized that thinking and cooperating regionally is instrumental to adapt to increasing risk and to create a resilient and vibrant coast in support of the state and the nation. Parish residents discussed the impact of land use decisions on the region, the need to coordinate transportation and economic development efforts for the betterment of all residents, and the impacts of water management actions on adjacent parishes, especially along bayous and rivers. They expressed their shared concerns about their ability to live on the coast, to retain their young people, to maintain their businesses and attract workers, and to provide amenities to enhance everyone’s quality of life.

Equity Insights

Equity is another critical consideration for regional planning. An effective regional approach should take into consideration the dynamics of shifting populations within the context of land loss and other environmental changes, which often result in those who are most vulnerable being left behind in areas that no longer provide access to adequate infrastructure, services, or social networks.

Investments made using a regional framework should address these dynamics and be directed towards areas of greatest need. Just as the Louisiana Office of Community Development adheres to HUD’s requirements for investing in areas in which at least 51% of the
population is low- to moderate-income, a regional plan should call for other public entities to prioritize and coordinate investments in areas of greatest need.


LA SAFE provides a regional strategy and six individual parish strategies. The regional plan describes regional-scale challenges and corresponding program and policy recommendations. Each parish strategy provides more detailed recommendations and includes six project proposals applicable to that specific parish. The strategies are designed to be read independently or together.

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