What is the Practioner's Guide?

Implementing the Steps to Resilience: A Practitioner's Guide is a user-friendly report containing a set of procedures to accompany each phase of the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit’s Steps to Resilience (StR). This document aims to support adaptation practitioners develop and implement equity-centered climate resilience plans in their communities.

How To Use the Practitioner's Guide

Implementing the Steps to Resilience: A Practitioner's Guide is organized into a Five Step to Resilience training.

This guide is intended for use by practitioners in two ways:

  1. during synchronous and asynchronous training on how to implement the StR (trainee)
  2. as guidance for practitioners working with a community to implement the StR (trainer).


A group of professionals standing side by side and smiling toward the camera.

Several authors of the Practitioner's Guide and other CCRE technical input documents gathered at the National Adaptation Forum (October 2022).
From left to right: Karin Rogers, Ned Gardiner, Matt Hutchins, Jennie Hoffman, Abigail Abrash-Walton, Darren Long, Aashka Patel, Kim Rhodes, John Nordgren, Lara Hansen, Joyce Coffee, Arsum Pathak.

Is this Guide for Me?

"This guide focuses on climate adaptation practitioners who come from many sectors (interlocking circles on the left). Practitioners must draw upon a variety of skills, both individually and through support from others (central box), in order to serve communities where they work (circle on right)."

Climate Adaptation Practitioners are individuals working with a Community and Community Champion on implementing the StR. This individual is a climate adaptation and resilience-building professional who is skilled at building local capacity for climate resilience analysis, facilitation, and guidance. The Climate Adaptation Practitioner could have a range of experiences and is trained to work with a community to evaluate climate risks and develop resilience strategies. They must draw upon the diverse talents and skills across multiple sectors in order to support the communities where they work. 

Additional Information

Implementing the Steps to Resilience: A Practitioner's Guide is one of five documents published in the Climate Start Communities Series which aims to advance equity centered and funding-ready climate adaptation and resilience planning.