Water Supplies Projected to Decline

Climate change is projected to reduce water supplies in some parts of the country. This is true in areas where precipitation is projected to decline, and even in some areas where precipitation is expected to increase.

Compared to 10 percent of counties today, 32 percent of counties will be at high or extreme risk of water shortages by 2050. Projections assume continued increases in greenhouse gas emissions through 2050 and a slow decline thereafter (A1B scenario). Numbers in parentheses indicate number of counties in each category. Reprinted with permission from Roy, Sujoy B., Limin Chen, Evan H. Girvetz, Edwin P. Maurer, William B. Mills, and Thomas M. Grieb, 2012: "Projecting Water Withdrawal and Supply for Future Decades in the U.S. under Climate Change Scenarios." Environmental Science & Technology, 46(5), 2545–2556, DOI: 10.1021/es2030774. Copyright 2012 American Chemical Society.
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