Orange hawkweed

Alaska Weeds ID Mobile App

Residents and visitors to Alaska can use this mobile app to identify and report on exotic species on public lands.

Concern about invasive species in Alaska is growing, attracting attention from land managers, politicians, and the public. Nearly half the new discoveries of invasive plants, animals, and insects in the state are reported by concerned individuals with a general interest in invasive species. Tracking reported sightings of invasive plants allows researchers to better assess the extent of the infestations and hopefully eradicate new infestations before they become huge problems.

This app—available through the Apple App Store and Google Play—makes identification and reporting of invasive plants as easy and efficient as possible. Alaska Weed ID brings the power of Early Detection and Distribution Mapping Systems to mobile devices, providing an interactive key to identify invasive plants and allowing users to easily submit those observations directly with their phone from the field. 

The app's interactive key allows users to identify plant species by selecting plant features. A picture is always displayed showing the difference between various features, such as leaf shape and leaf arrangement, for over 60 high-priority invasive plants. Easy species reporting captures current location and allows observation image submissions. The app allows for both online and offline reporting, where reports are saved on the phone for later upload with network connectivity. Information submitted through the app is submitted to the Alaska Exotic Plants Clearinghouse.

Banner image: Orange hawkweed. By David Whelan, CC0 (public domain), via Wikimedia Commons.
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10 May 2024 - 12:15pm