Screen capture from the AdaptMap tool

AdaptMap Jamaica Bay

This online mapping tool for New York's Jamaica Bay allows users to compare and contrast historical, present day, and potential future landscapes against an array of sea level and storm tide scenarios.

This interactive mapping tool demonstrates how sea level rise will worsen storm-driven flooding in Jamaica Bay, New York, and enables users to select flood adaptation scenarios to see how they reduce flooding. Moreover, users can view animations of how water elevation around Jamaica Bay changes over the course of a storm for each landscape, sea level, and storm tide scenario.

The tool also displays historic landscapes for the years 1609 and 1877 with associated historic flood zones. Users of this free, online resource can download the results of a Benefit Cost Analysis, the underlying GIS layers corresponding to each scenario, and the developers' technical report. 

Last modified
7 July 2023 - 12:18pm