Screen capture from WestMap

WestMap—Climate Analysis & Mapping Toolbox

Access monthly temperature and precipitation data for the western United States from 1895 through today.

If you’re anyone from an engineer or hydrologist to a community planner or business manager, you can use the “QuickMap” tool to easily visualize and access data from the western U.S. at multiple levels. You can display information at the state and county levels, or analyze data within certain watershed boundaries. The tool even allows you to draw a shape on a map to extract climate data from a region of your choosing.

From the map interface, choose parameters including element, region, and time scale from dropdown menus above the map. Click the map to zoom in on a specific state or region. Access a tutorial, submit a custom map requests, or learn more about the WestMap toolbox using links on the left side of the page.

Last modified
10 May 2024 - 12:17pm