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Compendium of Adaptation Approaches

This database of adaptation actions can help natural resource managers move from broad ideas to specific actions appropriate for their geography and climate pressures.

This web-based database was created to help natural resource managers and landowners identify actions for responding to climate change, providing a curated list of adaptation actions. The collection is organized by adaptation approach—click on each approach for more information on how the idea links to broader adaptation strategies and more specific management tactics. Users can browse by resource area, region, or climate change impact.

The developers created this tool to inspire thinking and spur brainstorming for adaptation planning. It can also be used to link a specific management action to a broader adaptation approach in order to show how management is intentionally addressing climate change concerns. The developers note that as users do this, it is important to consider their own management goals and local climate change impacts before selecting actions for implementation. They strongly encourage the use of a structured process to intentionally consider climate change in local planning and project development.

Last modified
8 June 2021 - 1:18pm