Satellite image of western Alaska

Coastal Change Analyses for Western Alaska: Interactive Map

View analyses of coastal change made by analyzing Landsat images collected along Alaska's west coast in 1972 and 2013.

This tool displays various maps and images documenting coastal change along the west coast of Alaska. The map analyses are the results of a coastal change assessment project: Extensive mapping of Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska coastal change by Landsat time series analysis, 1972–2013.

Covering the entire extent of the Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative's area, the analyses provide important baseline information on the distribution and magnitude of landscape changes from erosion and aggradation (deposition) over 41 years. The maps document changes in the shape and extent of land, as well as in coastal features such as spits, barrier islands, estuaries, tidal guts, and lagoons. 

The mapping tool can help decision makers summarize changes for various parcels of land; it can also help them assess the extent of habitat loss or gain over the study period. Available map layers also show hotspots of rapid change across the mapped area. Decision makers can use this information to identify areas for monitoring or for more intensive research (e.g., terrain sensitivity analysis). 

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6 August 2018 - 10:06am