Screenshot from the Great Lakes Climate and Demographic Atlas

Great Lakes Climate and Demographic Atlas

This interactive site shows how the social and economic characteristics of the Great Lakes region are impacted by regionally specific changes in climate.

This interactive map provides social, economic, and demographic statistics on 225 counties across the Great Lakes region. This demographic information is overlain with detailed data about municipal spending, land use change, and climate change characteristics. Taken together, the interactive tool provides a wealth of information for local and regional decision makers to view how climate change intersects other conditions and concerns in the region.

For each county, the tool describes how climate change relates to the:

  • Economy, by listing three sectors likely to be affected by climate change, and the industries that employ the most people.
  • Infrastructure, by describing expenditures on potential climate-related infrastructure, and showing land cover and residential growth.
  • Vulnerable Populations, by showing an index of heat vulnerability and changes in summer temperature.


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9 August 2021 - 5:41pm