Screen capture from the Local Climate Analysis Tool website

Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT)

Meteorologists use this tool to link local weather and water events to climate variability and change in the global climate system.

The Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT) helps advanced users identify and predict climate-related impacts on water and weather at a local level. Originally developed to support National Weather Service field offices, LCAT offers data-driven answers to climate-related questions. The tool links local weather and water events to signals in the climate system, providing information about how climate variability and change contribute to local climate trends. This local-to-national perspective on climate can show the effect of climate variability and change on temperature and precipitation in your community in recent decades, and how those trends may continue into the future. LCAT enables users to dive all the way into data from individual weather stations or zoom out to larger regions.

LCAT is a public tool that targets technical users from NOAA, members of other government agencies, and academic partners. Registration is required.

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16 December 2021 - 2:52pm