Screen capture from the Arctic Adaptation Exchange

Arctic Adaptation Exchange

Share or access information about climate adaptation across the Arctic region. Explore an interactive map by theme and browse circumpolar adaptation information resources

The Arctic Adaptation Exchange (AAE) facilitates knowledge exchange on climate change adaptation in the Arctic, and serves as a central information hub for communities, researchers, and decision makers in the public and private sectors. The AAE is a platform for individuals and organizations focused on northern issues to:

  • Explore how others in the Arctic region have responded to the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.
  • Share experiences and information on climate change impacts and adaptation initiatives and tools.
  • Connect with others who have experience and knowledge.

The Communities collection on the site presents the knowledge and experience of Indigenous peoples and Arctic communities. Arctic adaptation projects, techniques, and strategies provide exciting opportunities for sharing experience and provide practical lessons to researchers and organizations seeking best practices to meet Arctic challenges.

The Practitioner collection supplies information resources to help policy makers in the public and private sector make well-informed, evidence-based decisions on the development and implementation of adaptation measures. Policy briefings, project reports, and other adaptation resources from governments, industry, and non-governmental organizations provide substantive, up-to-date information on best practices and current policies across the Arctic.

The Academia section gives the expanding number of researchers and research-focused organizations studying the effects of climate change in the Arctic region a place to share their research and assist local populations in adaption efforts. Effective communication and collaboration between researchers and those living and working in the circumpolar North helps develop better ways to stay connected and form authentic partnerships.

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3 February 2023 - 11:34am