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AdaptWest Climate Adaptation Planning Database

Planners can access data and detailed information for much of North America to compare conservation approaches and inform planning.

AdaptWest is a spatial database designed to help land management agencies and other organizations implement strategies that promote resilience, protect biodiversity, and conserve natural resources in the face of a changing climate. The database combines broad geographic coverage (most of North America, including portions of Canada and Mexico) and relatively high spatial resolution (100 m to 1 km) with access to a range of spatial data relevant to the resilience and adaptation potential of natural systems under climate change.

Data include downscaled projections of future climate, velocity of climate change, distribution of physical habitat types (land facets), and projected climate refugia, as well as maps that identify areas that are important from multiple perspectives. The tri-national extent is especially useful for Landscape Conservation Cooperatives that span national boundaries.

Resources include downloadable GIS data and peer-reviewed publications that provide background on the data's relevance. In addition to displaying GIS data in Data Basin's mapper module, users can quickly explore projected climate trends by watershed or protected area across all of North America's ecoregions and LCCs.

AdaptWest is intended to serve the needs of state, provincial, and federal agencies as well as non-governmental organizations (such as land trusts) involved in land use planning to promote climate resilience at regional and national extents.

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16 June 2021 - 2:20pm