Screen capture from the Climate Change Atlas

Climate Change Atlas for Tree and Bird Species

Find information about species of trees and birds in the eastern United States, including maps that show projections of where suitable (and unsuitable) habitat for these species will be in the future.

The Climate Change Atlas documents the current and projected future distribution of 134 tree species and 147 bird species in the eastern United States. Changes in temperature and precipitation will affect the future distribution of tree species, and changes in the distribution of trees will have an effect on many species of birds. The Atlas can help to answer a range of questions concerning current and projected suitable habitat in the year 2100.

For each species included in the Atlas, information is provided on species characteristics, life history, and current distribution. Users can see which factors (e.g., temperature, elevation, soil type) help to drive species distributions, offering some guidance on species sensitivity to large-scale climate differences. The Atlas displays maps and summary numerical data that show how each species' suitable habitat is projected to change under three different climate models, for both high and low emissions scenarios. Maps can be viewed in the Atlas interface, or with Google Earth.

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10 May 2024 - 12:15pm