A bright pink and orange sunset glows behind the Raleigh, NC skyline.

Heat Watch Campaigns

Over the past five years, the NOAA Office of Education, NOAA Climate Program Office, and the National Integrated Heat Health Information System have funded CAPA Heat Watch to support 40+ communities across the United States in mapping their urban heat islands.

CAPA Strategies has developed a process to help cities plan and execute a volunteer-based community science field campaign that builds upon local partnerships, engages residents in a scientific study to map and understand how heat is distributed in their communities, and produces high-quality outputs that have been used in city sustainability plans, public health practices, urban forestry, research projects, and other engagement activities.

These reports contain maps that show a combination of all the traverse data points, colored by temperature, for the morning, afternoon, and evening, in addition to a 'heat index' map that incorporates temperature and humidity to describe the area of interest for the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Urban Heat Island maps, as well as the underlying datasets used to produce them, are available to download for a number of cities across the United States. Heat Watch Campaigns are curently underway for other cities across the United States. Data and reports for these areas will be uploaded when they become available.

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16 June 2022 - 9:02am