Simple Planning Tool for Louisiana Climate Hazards

This stakeholder-inspired tool provides a practical solution to assist planners and emergency managers in the state of Louisiana in incorporating accurate climate data into their planning processes.

This tool is a compilation of relatively easy-to-use online interactive tools, maps, and graphs to assist planners and emergency managers in Louisiana who are assessing their long-term climate risks, both historically and in the future. It is primarily designed for decisionmakers who serve small- to medium-sized communities but may also be of interest to those who serve larger areas.

This tool was developed with input from local and state emergency managers and planners. While it may not answer every question about a hazard’s climatology and future trend, it aims to cut through the internet clutter and point to relatively simple data tools that can be used during planning processes and in plans. 

Last modified
13 February 2023 - 11:52am