Screen capture from the Drought Impacts Toolkit

Drought Impacts Toolkit

Report and view wet, dry, and normal conditions and drought impacts.

This toolkit from the National Drought Mitigation Center provides:

  • Condition Monitoring Observations: Citizen scientists use a dry-to-wet scale to capture what they see at a specific place and time.
  • Drought Impact Reporter: The Center systematically scans news stories, looking for "a loss or change at a specific place and time due to drought," providing a preliminary historic record and sometimes insight on emerging conditions.
  • Visual Drought Atlas: A way to compare the appearance of different landscapes over time, in dry, wet, and normal years.

The site also provides a regularly updated list of sources of information on drought impacts or on other environmental conditions that may be related to drought and a repository of post-drought assessment reports. 

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9 November 2021 - 3:19pm