Cover of the OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Training Guide

Heat Illness Prevention Training Guide

This guide from OSHA provides a lesson plan for employers to carry out heat safety training for workers.

This training guide from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) helps employers plan how to prevent heat illness among their crews and provide training to their workers. The guide, available to download in PDF format, includes the following tools for the supervisor or crew leader to use:

  • Complete instructions for teaching workers about heat hazards.
  • A daily checklist to make sure all appropriate precautions are in place each workday.
  • OSHA Heat Safety Fact Sheet, in English and Spanish, that reviews some of the key information about heat illness.
  • Easy-to-read OSHA posters, in English and Spanish, for the worksite and the community that can be copied and distributed to workers.

The training is designed to be:

  • Short—it’s 45 minutes long, but if you’d prefer you can carry it out in three 15-minute sessions as meetings before the work shift or during “shade breaks.”
  • Participatory—for workers to be able to ask questions and have some discussion, which increases the likelihood they will remember the information.
  • Easy to follow—so a supervisor or crew leader can lead the training.
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