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Heat Safety Tips

Communities and individuals can visit this National Weather Service website to learn about the health dangers of heat, prepare for excessive heat events, and find out what to do during an excessive heat wave.

The site provides tips, resources, and links relating to heat safety, including information about common heat-related illnesses and vital information about the dangers of leaving children, pets, and people with limited mobility alone in a vehicle. Other resources include:

  • Information from the NWS about heat watches and heat warnings, the heat index, and national Maximum Heat Index Forecasts from the Weather Prediction Center
  • Links to the NWS Heat Awareness Campaign
  • Information about ultraviolet (UV) safety
  • Games and activities to help educate children about the dangers of heat
  • Real-life stories from heat victims
  • Education and outreach materials
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23 October 2019 - 12:48pm
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