Screen capture from the Resilience Alliance website. Photo credit: Peter Prokosch

Resilience Assessment Resources and Projects

Natural resource managers can access a downloadable workbook and a database of ongoing projects to assess resilience in social-ecological systems.

Resilience assessment integrates a set of key concepts to provide an alternative way of thinking about and practicing natural resource management. This website—from Resilience Alliance, an international, multidisciplinary research organization that explores the dynamics of social-ecological systems—provides both resources and a database of ongoing resilience assessment projects. Members of the Alliance collaborate across disciplines to advance the understanding and practical application of resilience, adaptive capacity, and transformation of societies and ecosystems in order to cope with change and support human well-being.

The workbook for practitioners, which is downloadable from the website, uses strategic questions and activities to assess resilience in social-ecological systems. The approach involves constructing a conceptual model of a system that includes resources, stakeholders, and institutions, and identifies potential thresholds between alternative systems states in order to provide insight into factors that build or erode a system's resilience.

A resilience assessment can help with developing strategies for coping with uncertainty and change.

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17 June 2021 - 11:06am