Map of the contiguous USA indicating the distribution of properties at risk from flooding.

Risk Factor

Risk Factor quantifies a property’s comprehensive risk from environmental threats like flooding and wildfire. The tool also helps users understand how risks are shifting due to a changing environment.

Risk Factor provides two "scores" for a selected property - a Flood Factor and Fire Factor. This score indicates a property's comprehensive risk from flooding or wildfire, ranging from 1 (minimal) to 10 (extreme). Flood Factor considers flooding from rain, rivers, tidal, and storm surge to determine the risk of water reaching the building over a 30 year period. Fire Factor considers the property’s building materials, and distance to fire risk areas, and burnable materials, such as vegetation, to determine the risk of being impacted by wildfire.

Risk Factor was created by the nonprofit First Street Foundation. Their mission is to address the asymmetry in access to high-quality climate change data by quantifying and communicating America’s environmental risks so that everyone can make informed decisions for the future. By making flood and fire risk data accessible and easy to understand, individuals and communities can prepare for and mitigate risks before they become a reality.

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7 June 2022 - 10:09am
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