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U.S. Drought Portal

Access a range of information and services related to drought including early warnings, climate data, and decision support services.

Developed by NOAA’s National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) program, the U.S. Drought Portal offers access to maps, data, and expert assessments through easy-to-use tools designed to help decision makers monitor, plan for, and recover from water shortages.

The interactive system provides:

  • Early warnings on emerging and anticipated droughts.
  • Announcements of upcoming Drought Assessment Webinars and Workshops.
  • Quality-controlled climate data, including historical drought data for comparison to current conditions.
  • Decision-support services for managing the impacts of drought.
  • A forum for a range of stakeholders to discuss drought-related issues.

The U.S. Drought Portal includes:

  • The U.S. Drought Monitor, providing up-to-date drought maps at the national, regional, and state level.
  • A GIS Map and Data Viewer.
  • The Drought Monitor Graphics tool, which creates custom drought charts and graphs.
  • The GIS-based Climate Reference Network (CRN) Soil Moisture viewer.
  • Weekly Drought Update.

The Portal also provides links to regional drought programs and local, state, and regional drought resources, as well as information on drought-related planning, education, research, and recovery.

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