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Starrigaven Beach, Sitka, Alaska
Photo of the Upper Yakima River
Corn plants growing up through soybean stubble
Cover Crop Diversity Working Toward Improving Soil Health in North Dakota
The Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery in Seward, Alaska
A helicopter drops water on the Waldo Canyon fire in June, 2012
Myron Johnson on his farm in Alabama
Cattle on Irrigated Pasture, FT Ranch
Confluence of two rivers
A herd of Black Angus cattle on a ranch
A worker bee returns to the colony with its load of pollen
Levee holding flood waters in Fargo, North Dakota
Harmful algal bloom
A lobster board heads out to sea
Irrigation canal and valve outside Phoenix, Arizona.
Booth at the Lincoln County Health Fair
Purdue Extension educator Hans Schmitz.
Upper Snake River at Massacre Rocks
Close-up of oyster bed
Ranchers and researchers in Marin County discuss carbon farming
Dry, brown drought-stricken tropical vegetation
Black angus cattle in pasture
Homeland of the Suquamish Tribe taken from Port Madison Bay
Fond du Lac Resource Management and Tribal Court Building
Controlled burn in the Klamath watershed
Bowl of food