Screen capture from Barrow Sea Ice Thickness and Sea Level Webcam and Radar

Barrow Sea Ice Thickness and Sea Level Webcam and Radar

Access current and historical webcam images and diagrams characterizing coastal ice in Barrow, Alaska.

The Sea Ice Group at the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Geophysical Institute operates a coastal ice observatory in Barrow, Alaska. The site contains a coastal webcam and radar, a sea ice mass balance, sea level station, and forecasts for early summer break-up of landfast ice. Ice coring and ice thickness profiles are obtained near each site.


  • Webcam: The webcam provides a visual impression of sea conditions and also establishes a long-term record of key dates in the seasonal evolution of the sea-ice cover. This includes onset of fall ice formation, formation of a stable ice cover, onset of spring melt, appearance of melt ponds, ice break-up in early summer, and removal or advection of sea ice.
  • Radar: Near-shore ice is monitored, and radar backscatter maps provide information on the movement, deformation, and stability of the coastal ice cover.
  • Sea Ice Break-Up Outlook: Plots on sea ice break-up is updated daily based on regional weather forecasts. This is geared toward ice in the Chuckchi Sea north of Barrow.
  • Mass Balance and Sea Level Site: This site measures snow depth, ice thickness, and the water-ice-snow-air temperature profile. There are also underwater acoustic altimeters that monitor local sea level.
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