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Climate Adaptation Toolkit for Marine and Coastal Protected Areas

Marine Protected Area managers can use this collection of tools to evaluate the vulnerability of their sites to climate change, identify appropriate adaptation strategies, and learn about those strategies through case studies, reports, and other resources.

The Climate Adaptation Toolkit for Marine and Coastal Protected Areas was created to make climate adaptation planning a simple, direct, and feasible process for Marine Protected Area managers. To help get users to the right tool within the toolkit, the top page features a convenient series of  "If you need [this], go [here]" statements.

The toolkit contains:

  • A step-by-step guide to undertaking a Rapid Vulnerability Assessment for marine and coastal areas,
  • Structured and searchable adaptation strategy ideas with supporting case studies, reports, and tools,
  • A curated list of foundational resources, and
  • Selected experts who can be contacted for technical guidance.

The toolkit's main goal is to help users complete a Rapid Vulnerability Assessment. Designed to be completed individually or in a 1-2 day workshop, the Rapid Vulnerability Assessment for Marine Protected Areas in North America lets teams focus on specific interests for their location and builds on available information and expertise. A user guide, worksheets, and examples of completed worksheets help users make concrete progress through the assessment process.

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