Screen capture from Climate Change Resilience Roadmap

Climate Change Resilience Roadmap

Federal, state, and local entities can follow this roadmap to develop regional climate change and national security action plans. The tool offers guidance for regions to convene multi-jurisdictional working groups and work collaboratively toward tangible outputs.

Federal government agencies have been directed to fully consider the impacts of climate change and to prepare for potential weather and climate disasters in their regions as they develop and implement national security policies and plans. To assist the range of government agencies across various regions in establishing working groups and developing climate change and national security action plans that address relevant climate threats, this interactive Roadmap walks users through a three-step process and offers guidance and checklists to ensure that regional groups can develop effective multi-jurisdictional plans that address weather and climate disasters.

The step-by-step process the Roadmap follows intends to constructively lead intergovernmental planning efforts to tangible outputs. Major steps in the Roadmap process are:

  1. Intergovernmental Preparation and Coordination
  2. Planning and Strategy Development
  3. Plan Adoption, Implementation, and Evaluation
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7 July 2023 - 12:28pm