Screen capture from the Climate Outlooks tool

U.S. Climate Outlooks

Access outlook maps showing experts' judgments of chances for above-, below-, or near-average temperature and precipitation for a range of future periods. Maps also show potential hazards and conditions related to drought.

Unlike traditional weather forecasts that predict daily temperatures and precipitation amounts for an area, NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center outlooks offer users forecasts of future weather conditions relative to what's normal for their region.

The tools allow users to view color-coded maps of categories of forecast conditions for their region relative to their average norms. The maps are available as either extended-range (6–10 days and 8–14 days) or long-range (1- and 3-month periods) forecasts. The latter predictions are available for up to one year in the future.

Shaded areas on temperature and precipitation outlook maps indicate the probabilities for above- or below-average conditions, with darker colors indicating a higher likelihood for the forecast category. Move your cursor over product names to preview the outlook products; click any link to open a larger version of the map or more information about the product.

Outlook Products include:

  • Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks for 6–10 days, 8–14 days, 1 month, and 3 months in the future
  • Hazards Outlooks (heavy rain, severe drought, flooding) for 3–7 days and 8–14 days in the future
  • Temperature-related hazards (risk of Much Below- or Much Above-Normal Temperatures) for 8–14 days in the future
  • Current (weekly) Drought status, 1-month Drought Outlook, and seasonal Drought Outlook

Additional information is available via links on the left-hand side of the tool's webpage.

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