Screen capture from Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard

Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard

Businesses and residents in the Great Lakes region can use this dashboard to visualize dynamic water levels and seasonal and long-term forecasts.

Water levels of the Great Lakes naturally fluctuate over different time scales in response to weather, climate, and geology. The Dashboard helps users visualize dynamic water levels and seasonal and long-term forecasts. Users can also download monthly Great Lakes water level data and forecasts across a variety of time scales. The dashboard features a sliding time scale that makes it equally easy to view the past year or the past 150 years.

Data available for viewing and download include:

  • Monthly lake-wide average water levels from 1918 to present
  • Master gauge monthly levels from 1860 to present
  • Seasonal forecast (1–6 months) from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (coordinated with Environment Canada)
  • Seasonal forecasts (1–10 months) from GLERL’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction System (AHPS)
  • Multi-decadal forecast (to 2100) from several recent global climate modeling studies
  • Paleoclimate reconstruction water level data sets (2300 B.C.–1800s)

Each dataset is accompanied by a text block that explains the origin of the data and lists relevant references.

Users can also visualize historical water levels for the U.S. Great Lakes Shoreline with Digital Coast's Lake Level Viewer.

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10 May 2024 - 12:15pm