Teal and blue ocean washes onto shore from the left side of the image. The wave breaks in the middle of the image and separates the water fro the sand with white bubbles.

International Guidelines on Natural and Nature-Based Features for Flood Risk Management

This set of guidelines provides practitioners with the best available information concerning the conceptualization, planning, design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of NNBF to support resilience and flood risk reduction for coastlines, bays, and estuaries, as well as river and freshwater systems.

The application of natural and nature‑based features (NNBF) has grown steadily over the past 20 years, supported by calls for innovation in flood risk management (FRM) and nature‑based solutions from many different perspectives and organizations. Technical advancements in support of NNBF are increasingly the subject of peer‑reviewed and other technical literature. A variety of guidance has been published by numerous organizations to inform program‑level action and technical practice for specific
types of nature‑based solutions.

This effort to develop international guidelines on the use of NNBF was motivated by the need for a comprehensive guide that draws directly on the growing body of knowledge and experience from around the world to inform the process of conceptualizing, planning, designing, engineering, constructing, and operating NNBF.

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4 August 2022 - 12:47pm