Screen capture from the Landslide Overview Map

Landslide Overview Map

Researchers can view—and download shapefiles of the landslide data—from this preliminary digital version of a national landslide susceptibility map.

This digital map delineates areas in the contiguous United States where large numbers of landslides have occurred in the past and areas that are susceptible to landsliding in the future. Colored dots on the map indicate where users can access more detailed regional maps. Users can also download shapefiles of the landslide data, as well as zipped ArcInfo AMLS and associated text files. A full-color, paper version of the map is also available through the U.S. Geological Survey.

This map is a preliminary digital version of a map presented in Geological Survey Professional Paper 1183, Landslide Overview Map of the Conterminous United States, by Dorothy H. Radbruch-Hall, Roger B. Colton, William E. Davies, Ivo Lucchitta, Betty A. Skipp, and David J. Varnes in 1982.


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