Pacific Ocean Sea Level Map

Pacific Island Sea Level Forecasts

This experimental product provides an outlook of monthly sea level anomalies for the next one to two seasons. We combine sea level forecasts with astronomical tide predictions to provide more accurate predictions of coastal water level compared to tide predictions alone.

This site provides outlooks for sea levels over the next six months as well as analysis of sea levels over the past six months. The tool shows a discussion of current conditions, and lets users click tide gauge locations around the Pacific to view forecasts, tide charts, and potential impacts. 

Users can subscribe to receive email updates from this tool. To subscribe, send an email to:

NOTE: This seasonal forecast product is experimental. For short-term forecasts (daily to weekly), please see the High Sea Level Forecast for your region. Neither the seasonal nor the weekly product is accurate when a tsunami or tropical cyclone threatens your coastline.

Last modified
30 April 2018 - 4:13pm