Screen capture from the Sea Level Rise Inundation Mapping Tool

Sea Level Rise Inundation Mapping Tool for Delaware

Zoom in or enter an address to view local maps of Delaware’s shoreline; adjust a slider to see areas likely to be inundated by various sea level rise scenarios.

Scientists from Delaware Coastal Programs used a simple model to develop maps to show the possible impacts of inundation based on various sea level rise scenarios for Delaware’s waterways and the land that surrounds them. These maps reflect the filling of these watersheds at constant elevations, also referred to as "Bath Tub" modeling. In other words, the maps show the water levels rising in the watersheds similar to the “filling of a bathtub.” 

There are various uses for these maps, including:

  • Assessing and planning land use and zoning ordinances to protect community resources while guiding new development
  • Developing emergency management plans to prepare for natural disasters like nor’easters or tropical storms
  • Determining impacts to the economy, such as changes to the business and tourism sectors
  • Conserving wildlife, wetlands, beaches, and other natural resources
  • Protecting recreational areas like fishing spots, boating areas, parks, and cultural heritage locations
  • Developing future plans for infrastructure like roads, fire departments, schools, sewer systems, drinking water, etc
  • Managing agriculture practices to conserve working farm lands and protect irrigation sources
  • Planning for coastal community resiliency by determining hazards and vulnerabilities
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10 May 2024 - 12:16pm