Tribal Nations

Climate change continues to negatively affect the livelihoods, health, and cultural practices of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the ecological resilience of their territories. Self-determination is key to implementing effective resilience strategies that meet the needs of Indigenous communities. Indigenous Peoples are leading climate adaptation and mitigation actions guided by Indigenous Knowledge and values.

    Key points:

  • Indigenous Peoples Face Risks to Well-Being and Livelihoods from Climate Change and Barriers to Energy Sovereignty
  • Self-Determination Is Key to Indigenous Peoples’ Resilience to Climate Change
  • Indigenous Leadership Guides Climate Change Response

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Canoes on the 2013 Canoe Journey to Quinault—stopped for the night near Queets on the Pacific coast—before heading back out onto the ocean for Quinault the next day. Image credit: Larry Workman, Quinault Indian Nation. Used with permission

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