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Adapting to new climate conditions may require developing new expertise. Decision makers across the nation are using data and tools to confront their climate threats, identify vulnerabilities, and reduce their risks from the impacts of climate​ variability and change.

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Steps To Resilience
Case Studies
People across the nation are taking action to confront their climate risks and build their resilience. Explore our case studies to see how other people are building resilience for their businesses and in their communities. Click dots on the map below to preview case studies, or browse all case studies by clicking the button below the map.
Looking for climate data? Need to compile a Climate Vulnerability Assessment or Adaptation Plan? Our catalog of more than 200 digital tools can help you take steps to build resilience, from engaging a community to developing a climate action plan. Here's one example of the tools in our catalog:
Find Experts

Locate climate science and service centers that can help you build resilience


Access climate-relevant reports issued by government agencies and scientific organizations

Training Courses

Learn about new tools or build your knowledge and skills to manage climate-related risks and opportunities

Climate Explorer
Use this visualization tool to explore interactive graphs and maps of climate projections and observations. Display historical temperature and precipitation observations for hundreds of climate stations, or explore map layers of valued assets and climate threats.
Mean daily max temps for Grand County, UT
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