Options Database

Explore resilience-building solutions that other communities have considered. Set the filter to display proposed solutions for the climate-related hazards that concern you and the assets you want to protect.

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Once a community has identified the hazard(s) and asset(s) that represent their highest risk, they'll want to compile and consider a range of potential solutions. The Options Database helps users zero in on solutions that others who faced similar situations considered. 

Options in the database were sourced from a range of local, state, and regional climate adaptation plans. Options is used as an umbrella term to refer to objectives, strategies, and actions; they include policies, programs, projects, schemes, systems, or technologies to boost resilience.

This compendium of unique options can save time and effort: it lists 1061 options from 62 recently published plans. Users can filter the database to display and download a list of options worth exploring to protect their assets. Users can also link directly to the source of each option where they can get additional context for the issue. The potential efficacy of each option's implementation requires place-based knowledge. This tool highlights the importance of adapting these solutions for each community's unique insights, challenges, and strengths.

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21 May 2024 - 11:17am