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Climate Mapper Tool

Explore interactive maps for the contiguous United States that display relevant past and projected future climate information to assist with decisions related to agriculture, drought, and fire conditions.

This tool uses a dynamic mapping interface and the best available science from climate projections to provide a straightforward way for farmers and land managers to visualize and understand local climate observations and projections that are useful for different production systems. Users can view a variety of products, with specific emphasis on Projected Future Climate, comparing historical weather from 1971–2000 with a high- and low-emission scenario across three different future time periods up to 2099. The Atlas also includes metrics for Observed Climate,  Observed Agriculture/Climate (growing degree days), and Observed Fire Danger.

Included variables let users explore both climate variables and agricultural metrics to provide useful data visualizations to help land managers and advisors explore projected changes to key variables that influence their production systems.

Users can customize maps by adding point markers, changing colors, and adding boundaries and other features. Atlas maps are downloadable in geoTIFF, netcdf, and WMS formats. The tool functions for the contiguous United States and resides within the Northwest Climate Toolbox.

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23 October 2019 - 12:29pm